About Valerie

Valerie Couture is a Victoria, British Columbia based Energy Healer. She is a Certified ThetaHealer Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Crystal Therapist who shares her home on Vancouver Island with her husband and Newfoundland dog Ceilidh. She is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Valerie helps Women of a Certain Age Free Their Authentic Self. By applying any or all of the modalities, she is able to show her clients how to easily release group conscious and personal beliefs that are holding them back  so that they find happiness,  joy and a meaningful purpose in life again.

The ThetaHealing technique that Valerie likes to use is based on the theory that your conscious and unconscious beliefs directly impact your emotional well being, which may impact the well-being of your physical health. By changing some limiting core beliefs, we can change how we cope in our day to day life. Relieve stress and bring joy back into our lives.

She finds Energy Healing so relaxing and fulfilling, and it gives her great pleasure to see clients leave feeling so relaxed!

Valerie looks forward to helping you relax and revitalize at her in-home studio!


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